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MLILY is committed to producing high premium products at exceptional value. That is why our growth continues to vastly outstrip that of our competitors. We are dedicated to providing the most comfortable, customized sleep for our clients so that they may perform daily at the highest levels of success. Thanks to our recent partnership with world renown brand Manchester United, we really are the #LegendOfComfort

Operates over 100 shops nationally.


MLILY has partners in 10 countries including the UK, USA, Japan, Singapore and Australia. There are further targets to increase this number of country partners to 25 within 3 years. MLILY exports nearly 500 containers a month to its partners around the world and is the largest producer of foam within Asia.


MLILY exports nearly 500 containers a month to its partners around the world and is the largest producer of foam within Asia.


With continued investment into people and machinery, the factory is at the cutting edge of modern technology and currently boasts the world’s most advanced air suspension system for moulded pillows with over 600.000 being produced monthly.


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Clients About Mlily


Best Gift I ever gave myself!

“I have a MLily Bliss King Size Mattress and it's the BEST mattress I've ever slept on! For the first time in YEARS I am sleeping through the night and I don't wake up with aches and pains! It also doesn't make you hot! LOVE THAT! You can't pay enough money for how a great night sleep makes you feel in the morning! So thankful I have my MLily Bliss!"

Incredible deal.

“I bought this mattress its by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. I previously owned a tempurpedic mattress and it use to always make me hot, I had had back problems for years until getting one, and within 2 days of sleeping on it, they went away. The cover on the mattress feels great, this was a fantastic deal and I'm thrilled."

Great mattress for a great price

“I bought one of these two years ago, paid about 750 for it and in my opinion, I got a heck of a deal. The bed is super comfortable and is comparable to other more expensive mattresses. I spin it about every six months or so and bc its a coil/foam hybrid, it's kept its shape nicely. Everyone who has slept a night in this bed says it's one of the better sleeps they've had. I recommend it."

Three years in...still saving my back

“My wife and I have had this mattress for 3 years now, and it's still great. There is a little bit of a break in now, but it's still very comfortable and not too soft. It doesn't feel like a hammock as a spring mattress would, and it's actually still medium firm. I have back problems, namely lower back spasms, and this has helped me greatly. It works for back and side sleepers and stomach sleepers."